We are a home-based business based out of England. Our handmade products mainly focus on haircare by using the most natural and organic products. These products are inspired by traditional ways of infusing herbs and flowers into the natural oils. Our focus is to provide an enhanced experience to our customers by introducing them to some exotic and high-quality ingredients to help them through their haircare journey. We take pride in the products we create by giving the attention and detail it needs and our priority is to ensure we are offering you the best of nature. 

Most ingredients are organic, natural, unrefined and the oils are mostly cold pressed. Cold pressed oils simply translate to oils being extracted with minimal heating process to ensure that the oils retain all their natural aromas, nutrient value and flavours. The products are free of parabens, paraffins, synthetic colors or any unnecessary chemicals. 

Our products are never tested on animals, nor do we approve such testing. We put in a lot of time in reading and researching about the ingredients that are used for Sulom. 

We also ensure our packaging is completely eco friendly by using recyclable/reusable/bio-degradable products. We want to do our bit to reduce the burden on Mother Earth.

The goal is for everyone to love these handmade products as much as we love making them and using them ourselves.