Yes the oils suit all hair types. It is intended to promote overall healthy hair quality. 

For best results, please apply the oil at least once or twice a week. Regular hair oil massages are known to provide excellent health benefits.

It is best to keep the oil for a minimum of thirty mins before you can wash it off. However , there is no harm in keeping it for a longer duration.

Our oils are made up of 100% natural ingredients and are completely safe to be used for children. As instructed its always good to carry out a small patch test before regular use.

We can definitely custom make the oil as per your needs for a small additional charge. Please reach out to us with your custom request and we will try our best.

Organic hair Oils normally lasts around two to three years. When properly stored they can be used beyond their shelf life (ideally in cool places). As the blend contains olive oil and coconut oil which have great shelf life you can be worry free about any adverse effects.